The Office Chair, Evolved.

Your back deserves to be pampered

The equation is frankly, quite simple. More than half our day will be spent in the office, on a chair. This insight led to our mission – making accessible chairs that empower people to do their best work.

Recognising that the “perfect” chair varies from individuals, we have curated a range of chairs (approved by ergonomic experts) suitable for various preferences, conditions, and use cases.

Consider the ErgoTune Series for perfect comfort everyday, the Activ Series for keeping your body moving, or the HAG Series for the best of Scandinavian ergonomics.

ErgoTune™ Series

Conforms to your spinal shape for maximum sitting comfort

The ErgoTune is the all-rounded chair for most people, blending seamlessly into their daily work.
Our SALS™ (Self Adjusting Lumbar Support) system automatically tunes to your spinal shape, providing incredible support through your day.

ErgoTune Supreme
Complete back support with supportive headrest

ErgoTune™ Classic

Complete back support with mid back design


Activ™ Seating

Because your body was designed to move

We did not evolve to be constrained to a chair at a 90 degree angle, 10 hours a day. So why sit like we were?
The Activ™ series makes it perfectly safe to fidget – keeping your body engaged, blood flowing, and mind happy.

Saddle Activ™

Inspired by jockeys to keep your spine automatically upright

FROM $399

Core Activ™

Engage your core and fidget easily

FROM $399

Flökk Seating

The best of Scandinavian ergonomics

Designed and made entire in Sweden, the award winning HÅG CAPISCO series is designed to be your everyday work horse.
You can sit backwards or sideways, and the contoured seat opens the hips for a more active, forward posture.

HÅG Capisco Puls

Designed to complement whichever way you wish to sit

FROM $999

HÅG Capisco

Upholstered with top quality leather

FROM $2150

10 Years Warranty

Because your chair is an investment, not an expense

You heard us correctly.
Your chairs with us comes with up to 10 years warranty, that’s how confident we are in its quality.
And because you deserve that piece of mind that comes an investment in a great chair.
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