Self Adjusting Lamba Support

Delivery in Mid April 2020. 


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Conforms to your spinal curve for maximum sitting comfort

Self Adjusting Lumbar Support


SALS™ – Self Adjusting Lumbar Support

The SALS™ mechanism automatically fits into the natural curve
of your lumbar spine.

When your body shifts, the angle of the SALS™ lumbar support
adjusts to your posture, providing the maximum level of support
and comfort to your back.

You can be assured of consistently incredible back
support throughout your day.

The ErgoTune Difference


The lower portion of your spine, just above the buttocks, naturally curves inward toward the belly. This natural curve needs to be supported. The SALS™ mechanism fills in the gap between the lumbar spine and the seat, while automatically adjusting to your spine’s curvature. Read more here.

4D Armrest


Height Adjustments

Forward / Backwards

60 Degress Rotation

Armrest Width Adjustment

Height Adjustment

Armrest Width Adjustment

Forward / Backwards

Rotation Angle



Shipping is Free

Shipping is FREE to anywhere in Singapore, except for no-go zones.
Surcharges apply for special scenarios:
• No lift access deliveries are subjected to additional $15 per floor
• Delivery to special Singapore islands are subjected to additional $15 (e.g. Sentosa, Jurong Island).

How fast is the delivery?

For Risers and Accessories, delivery is between 3 to 10 working days from date of purchase.

What is the delivery process?

Deliveries & assemblies are conducted by 3rd party professionals to ensure the best experience.

1. You will be contacted (via SMS) within 7 days with a proposed delivery date
2. If the date works for you, great! Accept the delivery date.
3. If not, reject the date. Another date will be proposed within 5 days

Can I specify a delivery date and time?

To keep delivery free, we are unfortunately unable to accommodate requests for specific time/date of delivery.

We will nonetheless try on a best effort basis (no guarantees). You may email us at [email protected]

*Such special scheduling has a better chance of success if  assembly option is not chosen.

I need the items urgently. Can you deliver in 2 days? Can I self collect?

We’d try to help you with this (though we can’t promise on the success). Please contact us at [email protected] and we’ll see what we can do.

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    Bryan C.
    Awesome Chair for the pricepoint, adjustment mechanics takes some getting used to.

    I purchased the Ergotune Supreme chair recently, the service was absolutely top notch, shoutout to KJ for getting everything sorted for me promptly and catering to a couple of unique requests I had. 5/5 for service. As for the chair itself, I'd give it a 4/5. It is supremely comfortable, well built and definitely worth the money compared to almost any other chair I have owned/tried at the price point, very good value for what you are getting, plenty of adjustability. Sitting in the chair feels like you are sitting in one of those recliner sofas except that you feel the lumbar support instantly. Its self adjusting spring loaded feature ensures there is always lumbar contact but not overwhelmingly so. The reason for the less than perfect score lies in a mediocre headrest and the finicky adjustment mechanics of the chair. The headrest comes with height and tilt adjustment, height is adjusted via positive clicks and tilt is adjusted via friction. The problem is there is no way to lock the tilt adjustment in place once u have it set and this results in the headrest being unable to retain its tilt angle whatsoever. This makes the tilt adjustment almost redundant if you are the kind who leans back on the headrest while sitting. I had to tuck a small cushion under the headrest to get it at the tilt angle that was comfortable for me. While the chair is extremely easy to adjust, it is ironically because of this that makes the chair hard to tune in just the way u want until you get used to the system. Coming from a herman miller and 2 other premium gaming chairs, I am used to pressing a button, twisting a knob or pulling a lever to adjust my chair, meaning the chair adjusts only IF I specifically enable it to. The Ergotune Supreme uses a click-to-adjust system for many of its adjustment functions. This system simply requires pushing, lifting or pulling the part through various clicks for adjustment and hitting the max number of clicks would reset it to 0. The problem with this system is that simple actions such as moving the chair around or grabbing the chair to change your sitting position can accidentally alter an adjustment if you grab the wrong thing and pull the wrong way. Accidentally overshooting an adjustment would also require you to reset it to zero and go through the clicks again. I have had to reset and readjust various areas multiple times because of this, though I have since become more aware and this rarely happens now. Aside from this, ErgoEdge has a very good chair at a very good pricepoint.

    Alexander E.
    Amazing lambar support

    Been looking for a good chair after my herniated disc. Finally able to find one that does not cause me pain and provides the proper support required. Thank you ErgoEdge